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Dumb Beasties

Monsters are stupid. All those fearful cries and all that unnecessary screaming. Scary faces, rampant beastliness, bad behaviour, dumbkind loves them all!

DUMB Beasties is an iMessage Sticker app for iOS 10. It features hand-drawn unique illustrations for all types of Sticker-based fun and frolics.

Dumb Beasties App Support

If you have any support related questions about the DUMB Beasties iOS 10 iMessage sticker app, then please get in touch using our contact form.


dumbkind is here to celebrate the stupidity of everyday life. We all amke mistakes and we all do stupid things. This is how it should be and this is awesome. Learn from your mistakes and may you make many, many more, dear dumbkind!

Born out of the warped mind and wonky pen of Sam Proud (@proudspark), it's about time dumbkind was let loose upon man-and-woman-kind. May these doodles, drawings and illustrations bring you happiness and longevity. And smarts.

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